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Swift Industrial specializes in the distribution of a wide variety of clamping elements catering to industrial needs for a large category of customers. We are the All-India Distributors for Clamptek Enterprise Co, Ltd, which is one of the world’s top brand of varied Manual and Pneumatic Toggle Clamps including Vertical handle toggle clamps, Horizontal handle toggle clamps, Push/pull toggle clamps, Latch type toggle clamps, Toggle pliers, Heavy duty weldable toggle clamps, Air powered toggle clamps, C clamps, F clamps, Pneumatic swing clamp cylinders, Hydraulic swing clamp cylinders etc. Swift Industrial Clamping Range Includes:

Toggle Clamps

These clamps work on a basic toggle principal to hold any work piece instantly, these clamps are manually operated through a handle with a clamping arm spindle holding the job.

There are linkages on the clamp to multiply the applied force and a base to mount to clamp. Manual Toggle Clamps are further classified in the following:

  1. Vertical Handle Toggle Clamps
  2. Horizontal Handle Toggle Clamps
  3. Push Pull Toggle Clamps
  4. Latch Type Toggle Clamps
  5. Toggle Pliers
  6. Heavy Duty or Automotive Weldable Clamps
  7. Pneumatic Toggle Clamps
  8. Clamps & C Clamps
  9. Toggle Clamps Accessories

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Clamps

These clamps are used extensively to mass-produce spare parts. They are ideal for mass production on a special purpose machine and jigs in a machining centre.

They help upgrade production efficiency. Pneumatic & Hydraulic Clamps are further classified under the following:

  1. Swing Clamps
  2. Leverage Action Clamps
  3. Threaded Cylinders
  4. Work Supports
  5. Push Pull Cylinders
  6. Sequence Valves
  7. Flow Control Valves
  8. Pressure Reducing Valves

There are various industrial applications for the usage of these above mentioned Clamping Elements for Jigs & Fixture requirements in all major industries, for complete information of our clamping range including detailed catalogs with dimensions & models log on to www.toggleclampsindia.com.

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