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About us

Swift Industrial is a name that spells consistent dependability by providing high quality supplies and services to its customers since 1971. With its highly experienced sourcing and sales expertise, Swift Industrial has evolved into a robust organisation which is committed to providing its stakeholders the best in class supplies and services using its core strength of high quality systems and processes.

Capitalising on its industry knowledge and leveraging its strong supplier and customer relationships over the last 45 years, Swift Industrial has established itself as a leader in the Enclosure and Machining Accessories market.

Product offering

Because of our dynamic growth agenda with a view to expand into additional product categories, the Swift group now has 4 companies in its ambit namely; Swift Industrial, Swift Industrial Agencies, Swift Industrial Technologies and Access Industrial Solutions.

The Swift group has established itself as a prominent leader in the following product offerings:

Different sizes from 1" to 12" available in Polyurethane (PU), Polypropylene (PP), Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), Nylon, Solid Rubber, Pneumatic Rubber, Natural Rubber. We also deal in levelling casters and hand & folding trolleys.

Vertical handle toggle clamps, horizontal handle toggle clamps, push/pull toggle clamps, latch type toggle clamps, toggle pliers, heavy duty weldable toggle clamps, air powered toggle clamps, C clamps, F clamps, pneumatic swing clamp cylinders, hydraulic swing clamp cylinders, air cylinders, precision locknuts, spindles, etc.

Includes different sizes of sections from 20x20 to 90x90 and a wide range of accessories such as T Nut, Hammer Nut, Angle Brackets, Leveling Base, etc.

Enclosure Accessories:

IP 65 locks and latches, hinges, handles, air vents and gaskets.

Machining Accessories:

Hand wheels, crank handles, clamping knobs, clamping levers, industrial handles, control knobs and rotary controls, indexing elements, universal joints, levelling elements, hydraulic accessories.

High tensile fasteners:

Our CAPARO fasteners range includes 8.8/10/9/12.9 Grade - Hex/Allen/CSK/Grub - Screws, Bolts and Nuts.

Standard machine elements:

Machine Handles, Indexing Plungers, Ball Knobs, Machine Handwheels, Digital Position Indicators, Pipes & Joints, etc.

Vision statement:

Over the years we have focussed on certain core values to which we attribute our progress, namely:

  • Growth
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Contribution

Keeping in mind the above core values our vision for Swift Industrial is – “To be an organisation consistently growing and creating profits at the marketplace by sharing knowledgeand contributing to all stakeholders.”

We aim to become the preferred partner for customers and suppliers in the industrial market and will achieve our aim through continuous innovation, actively seeking new market opportunities and treating our stakeholders fairly.